Its been a while..again lol lol

Yes it has been lol…I had told myself that I would blog more, but then it got all blurry. lol..oky oky, I know.

I have been baking, working, and spending a lot of time with my kids. Life has been great, it really has. Our new home is feeling so homey, we still have a lot to fix up but in time, not rushing anything. We finally had our pool set up, which made summer such a great time. It is truly one of the greatest investments we have made. The kids love it!

Kids are back in school, in a new school. And yes, Frankie too. My baby is in a Pre-K disability program in the same school as Zofia and Charlie. He loves going to School, and he gets along so well with the other children. I did panic in the beginning, since he has always been with me home, it was hard to kind of let go. They all love their new school. I love their new school, specially since I get to be home ALONE for about 5 hours a day lol….yes momma can clean in peace and take naps!!!

So much can happen in just a few months right? Just blessed to be alive, and healthy. Blessed to be able to create cookies, and put smiles on peoples faces. Blessed to have great people around me, family and friends. Blessed to be able to love.

Life is beautiful.

So yes, cookies!! Made this cute ones for a friend of mine. So simple and cute!onesie2

And also these Vampirina cookies for my wonderful co worker Tiffany, her sister turns 4 today. I panic when it comes to character cookies lol, but they came out really cute!!vampirina.jpg

Have an amazing day! Lots of love to you all ❤


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