Oky, that’s me :)

Hello πŸ™‚ I am Margarita, but most of you know me as Oky. OKy is my nickname given to me by my godfather. I started this journey right after my son Charlie was born…I have never been a baker, although my love for making brownies will always be there. I started watching a lot of videos on Youtube about cookie decorating and I took a lot of interest in it..I have not stopped ever since. I love baking and decorating cookies..I love meeting wonderful people..I love being able to spend more time with my monster’s. This blog allows me to showcase the work I do, the stories behind each order…it allows me to share how I can get my business to succeed, my ups and downs..I hope you all enjoy reading my posts! Love to all!

10 thoughts on “Oky, that’s me :)

  1. Hello everyone, I had the pleasure of meeting Oky and tasting her delicious cookies. I placed an order of ladybug cookies for a candy station that I did for one of my own customers. Those cookies were a big hit and they looked wonderful at the candy station. I really do recommend Oky. So if you have an upcoming event, personal birthday, a gift you want to give to someone, a basket, then Oky is the one for you. Let her design something personal for you and you will definitely be pleased! Good Luck Oky! I wish you lots of success in your business.!!

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